Question: What’s Nigeria Area Code?

What is Abuja city code?

Nigeria Dial Codes

CityArea CodeDialing Code
Aba82+234 82
Abakaliki43+234 43
Abeokuta39+234 39
Abuja9+234 9

58 more rows

How many digits is Nigeria phone number?

There are tens of different areas codes within the country of Nigeria. The length of a phone number in Nigeria can vary even within area codes. All area codes are either 1 or 2 digits long and should precede the local phone numbers, which are between 5 and 7 digits long.

What is the country code for Lagos Nigeria?


Which country uses +234 code?


What is Abuja Nigeria Postal Code?

Remember that Garki Postal Head Office, Abuja, Nigeria postal code is 900001.

Why Abuja is the capital of Nigeria?

Abuja fit the entire requirement especially because of its location to serve as the capital of Nigeria. Another reason why Abuja was ideal as the capital of Nigeria was for security reason. When Lagos was the capital of Nigeria, it was at the risk of being claimed by the Yoruba people as their own land.