What Is Nigeria Code Number?

How many digits is Nigeria phone number?

There are tens of different areas codes within the country of Nigeria. The length of a phone number in Nigeria can vary even within area codes. All area codes are either 1 or 2 digits long and should precede the local phone numbers, which are between 5 and 7 digits long.18 Jul 2018

Which country has a code of 234?


Which country code is +23?

Chad telephone code 235 is dialed after the IDD. Chad international dialing 235 is followed by an area code. The Chad area code table below shows the various city codes for Chad. Chad country codes are followed by these area codes.

How do I call the UK from Nigeria?

To call a United Kingdom landline or mobile phone from Nigeria, dial 009 44, then the UK number without its leading zero. For example, the UK number 01632 234567 should be dialled as 009 44 1632 234567 from Nigeria.

Can I call Nigeria on my cell phone?

First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 234, the country code for Nigeria. Then dial the area code (1–2 digits — please see a sample calling code list below). Finally dial the phone number (5–7 digits).8 Feb 2012

Which network is 0908 in Nigeria?

Mobile phone network prefixes

0808Airtel Nigeria
0810MTN Nigeria

36 more rows

Which country uses +277 code?

South Africa Country Code 27 Country Code ZA.

Which country uses +212?


Which country code is +38?

Ukraine Country Code 380 Country Code UA.

Which country code is?

This page details United States phone code. The United States country code 1 will allow you to call United States from another country. United States telephone code 1 is dialed after the IDD. United States international dialing 1 is followed by an area code.

Which country code is 001?

However, the country code for the USA (and associated countries on the North American Numbering Plan) is 1. Not 001, just 1. From many countries the international access code is 00 – so I would actually dial 001 followed by the number to call a number in North America from the UK.24 Mar 2019

What country code is 69?

Spain telephone code 34 is dialed after the IDD. Spain international dialing 34 is followed by an area code. The Spain area code table below shows the various city codes for Spain. Spain country codes are followed by these area codes.

What is the dial code for UK?


How can I call Nigeria for free?

Free online calls to Nigeria can be made using CitrusTel by selecting Nigeria from the country list on the keypad. Once you have selected Nigeria, country code of +234 will automatically show up. Then dial the area/mobile code followed by the local phone number.

What is London Calling Code?


How do I dial a landline number in Nigeria?

Dial the phone number.

If you’re calling a landline, it will be 7 to 8 numbers long, including the area code. For example, a landline number would look like: 011 234 1 XXX XXXX. A cell phone number will 10 digits long: 011 234 XX XXXX XXXX.

How do I add a Nigerian number to Whatsapp?

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How do I dial a mobile number from Nigeria to India?

To call Nigeria from India, dial: 00 – 234 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 234 – 10 Digit Mobile Number

  • 00 – Exit code for India, and is needed for making any international call from India.
  • 234 – ISD Code or Country Code of Nigeria.
  • Area code – There are 58 area codes in Nigeria.

How do I find out what network a mobile number is on?

Telephone Number IDentification

  1. Access the Telephone Number IDentification website in a Web browser.
  2. Enter the 10-digit mobile number in the indicated field and click “Search.” Review the search results for the number. The network is listed under “Current Telephone Company.”

Is 0811 an MTN number?

0814, 0701, 0811, 0902… All Network Number Prefix In Nigeria. For instance, 0814 is an MTN number, 0701 is an Airtel number, 0811 is a Glo number, 0902 is Etisalat 9Mobile number; all other network number prefixes are provided here on this post so I suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.25 Apr 2018

Who is the owner of Etisalat?

The total market capitalization of the company currently is AED87.7 billion. Etisalat is one of the Internet hubs in the Middle East (AS8966), providing connectivity to other telecommunications operators in the region.


Key peopleEissa Al Suwaidi (Chairman) Saleh Al Abdooli (CEO) Hatem Bamatraf (CTO)

11 more rows

Can you get a 212 area code?

By 1992, 212 became exclusive to Manhattan. Today, 212 phone numbers only become available when customers give them up. Those numbers may then become available through Time Warner, Verizon or another service provider.

Which country uses 236?

Central African Republic

What is +212?

“212” (spoken two-one-two) is the debut single by American rapper Azealia Banks. The song is named after the area code 212 which covers Manhattan, New York where Banks grew up.