Quick Answer: What Area Code Is 44?

What is the country code of 44?

United Kingdom Country Code 44 Country Code GB.

What does 44 mean in a phone number?

an just FYI, 0044 and +44 are the same thing – the + simply replaces the 00. Or rather the + means to insert the international dialing code. For most of Europe this is 00, but for other countries this can be different. America uses 011 for example.

How do you call a +44 number from Canada?


  • Check the local time in London before placing your call.
  • Dial Canada’s exit code, “011.”
  • Input the United Kingdom’s country code, “44.”
  • Leave off the area code completely if you are calling a cellphone.
  • Enter the local phone number, leaving off the “0” at the beginning.

What is the mobile code of London?

1994-5 – Phoneday telephone numbering overhaul

The digit 1 was incorporated into most area codes so that London’s 071 code became 0171 (domestically), or changed from +44 71 to +44 171 (as dialed from other countries). A select few areas were assigned new codes due to specific telephone numbering requirements.