Question: Is Fido To Fido Calling Free?

To get the feature, existing Fido customers will have to call Fido Customer Care to add Circle Calling to their account.

New Fido accounts will have the feature added automatically at activation.

Also, the Circle Calling service is available on all Fido postpaid plans for free!

Is Fido WIFI calling free?

One of the features of Wi-Fi calling is that you get to keep texting and placing call using your Fido number. Naturally because you will be using the features of your Fido plan, Wi-Fi calling won’t be free.

How much does Fido charge for long distance calls?

Fido Long Distance Rates & Information – Ontario

Calls within Canada50¢/minute + airtime (40¢/minute for Prepaid)
Calls to the US50¢/minute + airtime (40¢/minute for Prepaid)
Calls in the US (local)$1.45/minute + airtime
Calls in the US (long distance)$1.45/minute + airtime
Calls received in the US$1.45/minute + airtime

7 more rows

Do you get charged for calling 611?

611 and 911 are not supposed to use any airtime against your plans included minutes. Answer: You are not charged for the following types of calls: 611 calls to AT&T Customer Service for wireless customers.

Does calling 611 USE minutes Fido?

Call 611, free of charge, from your Fido or 1 888 481-FIDO (3436). Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 611, free of charge, from your Fido to activate international calling service.

Is WiFi calling free?

It is a function which is installed on your phone. With that, you can make and receive calls from areas with no coverage. Any WiFi network can be used for WiFi calling, either a free or paid WiFi connection.

Do I have to pay extra for WiFi calling?

It’s included at no additional charge with your existing voice plan and HD voice-compatible device. You make and receive calls with Wi-Fi using your phone number. Wi-Fi calls to US numbers are free, even while traveling internationally. Video Calls no longer need an LTE connection to be initiated in Wi-Fi.

How much does Fido charge for extra data?

As of July 7th, 2018, both Rogers and Fido now list $10 per 100MB as their current data overage rate on their respective websites. The new fee translates to approximately $100 per 1GB, compared to the previous $70 per 1GB. Existing subscribers will still be charged $0.07 per 1MB unless they change their plan.

What is Value Pack in Fido?

The $7 Value Pack is a monthly add-on that includes: – Premium Voicemail-To-Text. – Unlimited Text Messaging. – Premium Calling Rate.

Does Fido charge for long distance texts?

If you are within the Fido coverage, you can send a text from to any Canadian or international number, free of charge. Incoming text is always free no matter where you are in the world when receiving the text. If you are outside of the country, outgoing text message costs $0.75 per message.

Do you get charged for 1800 numbers?

1800 numbers let customers call for free

Callers using mobile phones may still pay a rate determined by their service provider. Pays all call costs. There is no free talk time component for 1800 numbers. Call cost is typically charged at a per-second rate.

Do 1 800 numbers cost money on cell phones?

Toll free numbers are billed the same way as a local call. No long distance charges apply for calls to 1-800/1-888/1-866/1-877 numbers. This is true no matter where you are located in Canada at the time of the call. However, please note that airtime charges do apply.

Do you have to pay to call 1800 numbers?

Differences Among 1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are also known as toll free numbers and can include more than just the number, 800. Other toll free codes include 888, 877, 855, and 844. Although many businesses use these numbers, some people believe that they will be charged a fee if they call the number.