Quick Answer: Is 0810 An MTN Number?

How do I know my MTN number?

To check your phone number with Mtn, you can dial *123# and follow the on screen prompt.

Select option 1 and send to select My Tools Option.

Then select option 5 in My Tools to request My Number.

Is 0811 an MTN number?

0814, 0701, 0811, 0902… All Network Number Prefix In Nigeria. For instance, 0814 is an MTN number, 0701 is an Airtel number, 0811 is a Glo number, 0902 is Etisalat 9Mobile number; all other network number prefixes are provided here on this post so I suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.

What network uses 0810?

Mobile phone network prefixes

0808Airtel Nigeria
0810MTN Nigeria

36 more rows

How many digits is Nigeria phone number?

As mentioned before, Nigerian phone numbers consist of 5 to 7 digits with 1 or 2-digit area codes before the phone number. For example, to call the US Embassy in Central Abuja, Nigeria, the number is 234-09-461-4000. To call that embassy from the US, you’d dial: 011 – the exit code used to dial out of the US.

How do I know my MTN SIM card number?

Step 1: Put the sim card of the unknown number into your phone. Step 2: Power on phone and see if it has been unregistered. Step 3: If it has been unregistered toss it away as it’s useless. Step 4: *123*888# to get the number.

How do I know my phone number?

Browse to Settings > About phone/device > Status. You might see the number listed here. If not, tap the SIM status entry to open another menu. Scroll down a bit here and you should see My phone number.