How Do I Know If My SIM Is 4g?

The simple and straightforward way to know if your SIM card is 4G compatible is to insert the SIM into a 4G smartphone, power it on, then Navigate to settings >> Mobile Network >> and Find LTE network on the list of Networks if you find 2G, 3G but you can’t find 4G, it means your SIM card is not 4G you may need to

How do I know if my SIM card is 4g?

Go to Settings > Cellular + Sim > Highest connection speed. Here you should see if LTE appears in the list. If LTE option is there, that means your phone is 4G enabled and you can select the option to connect to 4G network. Having a 4G enabled phone is not enough to use 4G services.

How do I know if my Airtel SIM is 4g?

If your phone, MiFi or Dongle is not 4G enabled; please visit an Airtel Store or the nearest phone store to upgrade to a 4G phone. To check if your phone is 4G enabled; simply dial *121# and select 4G services.

How do I know if my Vodafone SIM is 4g?

If you are a prepaid customer , make sure you have sufficient talktime balance on your phone.

  • Turn Mobile Data On.
  • Enter www in Access Point Name (APN)
  • Go to Network mode and select LTE/4G.
  • Check for coverage by looking for ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’ on the signal bar.

Is 4g and LTE the same?

4G LTE means fourth generation long term evolution. LTE is a kind of 4G that provides fastest connection to mobile Internet experience-10 times faster than 3G. The terms 4G and 4G LTE are often used by people interchangeably, but they are not the same.