Question: Does WalMart Have Calling Cards?

Most WalMart calling cards are specific to certain networks.

These include Verizon, T-Mobile, StraightTalk, Virgin Mobile, and TracPhone, among others.

If you buy one of these cards under the impression that it is valid for long distance calls and you aren’t on the required network then you will be left disappointed.

Does Walmart sell international phone cards?

Superstores like Walmart and Target sell International phone cards in the electronics area of their stores. Prepaid International phone cards can also be purchased on Walmart’s website, (see references).

How do you buy a calling card?


  • Buy your card. You can buy calling cards at most convenience stores and grocery stores, or you can shop online.
  • Dial the access number.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Dial the number you are trying to call.
  • Hang up when you’re finished with the call.

Does Walmart return phone cards?

Walmart accepts returns of contract cell phones within 14 days of purchase to the store where you bought it. Prepaid phones can be returned within 15 days of purchase to any Walmart location. You’ll need your receipt, the original packaging, and any accessories included with the phone to complete a return.

Can you still buy prepaid phone cards?

Prepaid phone cards can be purchased and used for a flat fee to make long distance telephone calls. Cards provide you a specified amount of call time to certain destinations. After purchasing a card, you use it by calling an access number, which can be either a local telephone number or a toll-free number.