Question: Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper?

Do 7/11 have bathrooms?

7-11 does not go by the time on your watch, and only the store manager can change the clock.

And I promise you, he won’t.

Question: “Do you have a bathroom?” Answer: For employees, yes, for customers, no.

Does 7/11 have diapers?

When the 7-Eleven chain got wind of the special birth, the company celebrated in style. It sent the family a basket filled with diapers and 7-Eleven-themed goodies from the convenience store.

Does 7/11 sell cold medicine?

7-Eleven Getting Into the Medicine Business. Convenience chain will launch its own line of OTC meds. The new 7-Select line will include non-prescription drug treatments for pain, cold and flu, allergy, gastrointestinal upset, cough, sore throat, sleep aids and children’s medications.

Does 711 sell Kombucha?

7-Eleven is proud to be the first convenience store to take Revive national to our 8,000 U.S. Stores. The three super tasty Revive Kombucha flavors now available in 7-Eleven stores across the U.S. in 12 oz.