Can You Use Viber Without Phone Service?

How can I use Viber without phone number?

You cannot.

Your phone number is used to create your “Viber account”.

However, if you are trying to use viber on a tablet or a desktop, you won’t need one.

Does Viber use your phone number?

Is Viber free? Viber-to-Viber calls and messages are totally free. Viber uses an Internet connection (3G, 4G or Wi-Fi) to make calls and send messages. Viber uses data, so there may be charges if you are abroad and using roaming, or if you have run out of data on your plan.

How can I use Viber on PC without phone?

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How to Install Viber On a Computer Without Using a Smartphone


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Do you need WiFi for Viber calls?

Viber uses your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection to enable you to call abroad for free no matter where you are. You should, however, be aware that there could be mobile data charges if you have exceeded your data plan.

Is the Viber app really free?

Viber is the FREE, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. Viber is completely free. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. Make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and so much more!

How can I hide my number in Viber?

In order to hide your online status in Viber, go to the settings section, select “Privacy” and untick “Share ‘Online’ Status”.

Which is better Viber or WhatsApp?

WhatsApp may have a larger number of users than Viber does. That may explain why some feel that WhatsApp is better or more popular. However, when it comes to features, Viber is the clear winner. The app offers users a lot more than WhatsApp does.

Can I use Viber only on PC?

If the majority of users of these applications are installed to the phone, we also have the choice of Viber for Windows version for use on your computer. However, it is not convenient, that is, to be able to install and use Viber on computer, users need to enter Viber app on your phone to get a confirmation code.

Can I access Viber from my computer?

Start by downloading and installing BlueStacks App Player on your PC or Mac. Once the software is up and running you need to head for the ‘App Search’ option and perform a search for “Viber”. Once you’ve found it, click on the ‘Install’ button to download and install Viber in BlueStacks. 2.

Does Viber notify your contacts when you join?

Does Viber notify your contacts when you join? Yes but only when you join Viber for the first time. When you first sign up to Viber, the app will notify any contacts you have who also use Viber that you joined. If you buy a new phone and add Viber to it, the app will not notify your contacts.

How do I receive calls on Viber?


  • Tap and hold the white phone icon. When you receive an incoming call in Viber, three phone receiver icons will appear on the screen.
  • Drag the icon to the green phone receiver icon. Make sure the white receiver overlaps the green receiver.
  • Lift your finger from the screen. The call is now active.

Does Viber out require Internet?

All Viber-to-Viber communication is absolutely free as long as your loved ones are also Viber users and you both have an internet connection.

Can I use Viber on two phones?

You can only have Viber on one primary device. Phones can never be a secondary device. If you want to use Viber on more than one phone, you will need to have two different accounts.

Is Viber a safe app?

Viber is considered to be a safe app with and encryption.

Is Viber better than Skype?

Viber takes around 250 KB per minute of call, while Skype takes several times more than that. However, Skype offers high-quality calls, which are much better than those of Viber. So, in terms of data consumption, Skype is a hog.

How do I turn dark mode on Viber?

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How To Enable Dark Mode on Viber (Android) – YouTube


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