Question: Can You Bring Your Own Tablet To Metro PCS?

Can you add a tablet to Metro PCS?

Just as you can save big by adding multiple phone lines, you can also save by adding a MetroPCS tablet plan to your existing plan.

The hotspot feature (allowing you to use your MetroPCS tablet as a Wi-Fi hotspot) and international texting will both run you and additional $5 a month as added features.

Can you bring your own device to Metro PCS?

Just this morning, however, MetroPCS quietly debuted its new Bring Your Own Phone program, which allows subscribers to use unlocked GSM phones on the carriers’ combined networks. You can now bring your unlocked GSM phones to receive MetroPCS service.

Can you use a tablet SIM card in a phone?

The wireless carriers I’ve talked to claim that you can’t use a tablet SIM card in your smartphone, so that you can get a data only plan. In theory, you should be able to take a tablet SIM card and use that in a smartphone, so long as the SIM cards are the same size.

How do I add a line to my MetroPCS account?

To add a line to MetroPCS by phone, simply contact customer service via their toll-free line at 888-863-8768 (888-8metro8 ) or you can simply dial 611 from your current MetroPCS phone. Following the prompts to speak with a customer service agent, then tell them you wish to add a MetroPCS line to your existing account.

Does MetroPCS do tablets?

Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet announced on MetroPCS. Beginning today, MetroPCS will not only be carrying the affordable tablet, which will only run you for $149, but will be offering new data plans to supply them. These will be starting at $10 a month for unlimited data and 1 GB 4G speeds.

Does MetroPCS provide service for tablets?

MetroPCS Tablet Rate Plans:

Instantly receive a $5 monthly discount when you add the POP 7 to your existing MetroPCS phone service. For current customers, the rate plans (with discount) are: $10 / month: Unlimited data with first 1GB of high-speed data at up to 4G speeds.

How much is activation fee at MetroPCS?

Metro PCS does not charge activation fee. If you are a current MetroPCS subscriber and are switching to a different phone they will charge you a $15 fee in store for an ESN change.

How much is the activation fee at Metro PCS?

MetroPCS iPhone SE For $0 Offer Details

Of course free means you will still have to pay any applicable sales tax on the phone as well as a $10 – $15 activation fee. MetroPCS unlimited LTE data plans start at $50/month with taxes and fees included.

Do AT&T phones work on Metro PCS?

In the United States, T-Mobile and AT&T use GSM while Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint use CDMA. In 2015, MetroPCS shutdown its CDMA network, meaning that only devices using GSM technology would remain compatible with MetroPCS’s service. Your phone must be compatible with the frequencies MetroPCS uses.

Do tablets have a SIM card?

These tablets have SIM cards, just like cellphones, that allow them to send and receive data over cellular networks. Tablets with SIM cards also have built-in Wi-Fi, which means you can use a Wi-Fi signal whenever one is available.

Can I use my cell phone SIM card in an iPad?

The SIM card enables your iPad to connect to the cellular data network. If you take the SIM card out, the iPad will still work, but you have to use its Wi-Fi connection to access the Internet.

Can you get data on a tablet?

If your tablet can connect to 4G cellular wireless networks, though, you can have high-speed Internet access wherever you go. But no matter which option you choose, cellular data is very convenient, freeing your tablet from needing a hotspot for most of its functions.