Question: Can I Use WhatsApp In Airplane Mode?

Texting on Wi-Fi.

You can also send/receive text messages while on wi-fi, with the phone in Airplane Mode.

You can also use Viber to text to other Viber users.

Or use WhatsApp to text to any other cell phone.

Will WhatsApp work on airplane mode?

Go to Settings and enable Airplane Mode, or Flight Mode. Once enabled, open WhatsApp and read the message. Double click the home button and close the app while still in Airplane Mode. The ticks will remain grey until the app is opened and synced online again.

Does Airplane mode stop WhatsApp messages?

Switch it all off. Put your phone in airplane mode, read the message, go out of WhatsApp and properly close down the app, turn airplane mode off and voila – the message will still appear unread to your unwanted Tinder date.

Can you use WhatsApp internationally for free?

Yes. WhatsApp is an entirely free app purely based on your WiFi/internet/data, and you can use it anywhere you have internet. It’s just like calling with Skype. If you both have Whatsapp and are connected to WiFi, there are no charges.

Can you call someone when their phone is on Airplane mode?

No, because your phone has no connection to cellular service. If someone calls you and your phone is in airplane mode, they’ll reach your voicemail as if your phone was turned off. You’ll see texts that you received when in airplane mode once you disable it.

Can you use WhatsApp on a plane with WiFi?

Yes, but only using a Wi-Fi connection. Any communication has to be over Wi-Fi with a messaging app that provides similar functionality like iMessage, WhatsApp, or Viber. A number of airlines have incorporated free Wi-Fi texting into their offerings, including Southwest, Delta, Alaska, and JetBlue.

Can you receive calls and texts in airplane mode?

One way to help avoid the extra roaming fees is to activate airplane mode on your iPhone and only use Wi-Fi hot spots while you travel. You won’t receive text messages or phone calls, but you will still be able to check your email, use messaging apps, and browse the Internet over a Wi-Fi-only connection.